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M4 Sherman

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Stryker APC

Posted: January 18, 2012 in APC's

The Stryker APC is a well armored 8 wheeled vehicle with a close relation to the Marine Corp LAV and the Russian BTR-B. It is primarily a troop transport vehicle. The Stryker does not have many weapons, in fact the primary version used is only equipped with one .50 caliber HMG mounted on the top and controlled via computer and camera. There are other models for specific purposes. Some of which include an anti tank variant, a mobile hospital, a mobile command center, and even used by mobile light artillery units as transport.


Posted: January 18, 2012 in IFV"s

The Marine corps has its own breed of Land Attack Vehicles called the LAV (land attack vehicle). It is an heavily 8 wheeled assault vehicle. It is armed with a 25mm Bushmaster chain gun and a mounted M249 medium MG (medium machine gun). The LAV can carry up to 6 troops in a back compartment. On the top of the troop compartment there are hatches that open to allow the soldiers inside to fire from mobile cover. There is also access to the crew compartment from the troop transport section. The LAV is a very valuable tool used by the U.S. Marines

M113 APC

Posted: January 18, 2012 in APC's

The M113 APC has been serving the American and UN forces since the Vietnam War in the late 60’s.  it is basically an armored box with an engine and tracks. Its armor is not very thick and can only protect against small arms fire, such as assault rifles and LMG’s. It is primarily armed with one M2 Browning .50 caliber HMG. Though only armed with one machine gun and thin armor, the crews of these APC’s found ways to upgrade them on there own. For increased protection they would weld sheets of metal to the insides or put sandbags inside and out. To protect the gunner they would put up a “shield” attached to the weapons mount or pile up sandbags in front of him. To increase fire power crews may mount a second M2 Browning 50. cal or more commonly mount two or three M60 LMG’s

M1A3 Bradley IFV/APC

Posted: January 18, 2012 in IFV"s

The M1A3 Bradley is considered to be both IFV (infantry fighting vehicle) and an APC (armored personal carrier) due to the fact that it can carry troops to the battlefield, but it can also give those troops serious supporting firepower. The M1A3 is able to carry 4 to 6 troops in the rear compartment. It is armed with a 25mm Bushmaster chain gun, and a reusable T.O.W. anti tank rocket pod. The Bushmaster 25mm is for anti personal but can be used on light vehicles. The T.O.W. is the only armament the Bradley has that can destroy enemy Armour. The Bradley has the same lam-anent armor as the M1A2 Abrams MBT, but it is only 1 inch thick.


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The U.S. Marine Corps’s AMTRAC AA7 is an extremely valuable tool on the battlefield. With its ability to float on water and carry many fully weaponized troops into battle, it is also very helpful. The AA7 can go over rough, uneven, and soft terrain with ease.  The AMTRAC AA7 can also operate in a minimal IFV role, providing fire support and pinning down enemy troops. It is armed, lightly, by a .50 caliber heavy machine gun and a 30mm cannon. The AMTRAC is a very handy armored vehicle used around the globe by the U.S. Marine corps.

M1A2 Abrams MBT

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Tanks and MBT's

The M1A2 Abrams MBT is, at the time, one of the greatest tanks in the world. Rivaled only by the allied British Challenger Tank, the Allied Israeli Merkava, and the Russian T-90. the M1A2 has specially created composite armor. The exact composition of the armor is top secret and is only shared with our Allie Britain. The Abrams has a a 120mm main cannon, side mounted .50 caliber MG,  a top mounted .50 caliber MG, and a top mounted 7.62mm MG. The main cannon can fire a large variety of different shells, from heat rounds to armor piercing incendiary shells to the specially designed SABO tank round. The SABO gives the Abrams a longer firing range and more penetrating power, but the shell itself is only 110mm and the M1A2′s main cannon is 120mm. So developers had to create a special “jacket” to go around the shell to make it large enough to fit the gun. Once fired the “jacket” brakes away and the shell continues on course. The M1A2 is powered by a monstrous gas powered jet turbine engine that is able to rocket this mechanical monster up to 42mph. Although the speed and power of the engine greatly decreases fuel efficiency. Gyro stabilizers in the tank keep the barrel aimed at the target even on the move over rough terrain, allowing the Abrams to fire on the go and still be deadly accurate. The M1A2 is known as a super computer on tracks due to how technologically advanced it is. it is so advanced that if one tank see’s an enemy target, another tank can find it on a radar screen in the tank, engage, and destroy. The M1A2 Abrams is one of the greatest tanks ever created.